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A website is the cornerstone of any businesses internet marketing. After all some of the most prominent aspects of internet are the websites we use every day. Because of this it is important that any small business possess a website. However, it is not enough just to have a website. The website must be able to function as a vital part of your internet marketing strategy. Today we will look at a few ways you can leverage various website factors to position your website so it can succeed.

Titles, Headings and Content

One of the most important places to start is to ensure that everything is ideally named and titled. It is vital that the content of a page matches the title from the head of the html document. This is easily checked by opening the page in the web browser and looking at the title given to the browser tab. For instance, the title for this page is “Internet Marketing Website Factors – CairnTek LLC”.

If the title is misleading it will cause a bad user experience, and the page will also be downgraded on Google and other search engines. Ask yourself, what is the gist of the content of this page? Once you have answered that, ensure the title reflects it.

This should also be reflected in the header tags. In html code these look like <h1>, <h2>, and so on. You should only have one h1 tag on a page. Other important headings should be placed in h2 or h3 tags. Make sure that the content placed under each header belongs under that header. This is important for user experience and ensuring that search engines don’t downgrade your site.

Finally, this may seem self-explanatory, but ensure that the content of your site is valuable to your clientele. If it is not, your site will not likely be found in online searches by prospective clients.


One of the issues with the internet is that virtually none of it is tied to any location. This makes it difficult to ensure that a website for a local business is tied to that city. Search engines are invested in providing local business information to their users. Because of this, it is important that your site have your address clearly displayed for search engines to find. Search engines do have other ways of tying your location to your site, however it is unlikely that your site will perform very well.

You should also ensure that your address and other pertinent information is marked up with Schema or JSON. If you are not sure how to do this, you should hire a website developer who can take care of the technical details for you. However, don’t just hire anyone. Hire someone who understands how search engines work.

As a local business, you have an advantage you can use. Search engines would rather display local businesses than non-local businesses. However, if you want to take advantage of this, you must ensure that your website reflects your location.

Domain Authority

This is a little more difficult to explain and achieve. In its essence, domain authority is how much a search engine trusts or recognizes your domain as valuable. Domain authority is built slowly over time as your site establishes itself as a consistent source for good information. However, there comes a time very quickly when every other factor of internet marketing will influence your domain authority. If your website is brand new your domain authority may climb very quickly and then plateau, moving up very slowly afterward. This is normal and it is reflecting your general search engine optimization. You will need to continually work on this to keep increasing your domain authority.

User Experience

Lastly, we should consider user experience. It really does not matter that Google likes your site if everyone who visits it hates it. Make sure people don’t have to rummage through your site to find your phone number or other valuable information like office hours. If your site forces people to put their thinking caps on to try and find what they are looking for, you have a problem! Your site should be intuitive and so simple a child could find anything.

Now, if your site looks like it is a tribute to the days when AOL was still mailing CD’s to people, you have a big problem. Studies show that the younger someone’s age the less they trust old sites. So, if your site looks like that, get that poor thing replaced!


One thing that you should remember is that your website is really the only real estate on the internet that you actually own. Do not neglect it. Make sure it is easy to use and has relevant information.

Give Google and other search engines a hand finding content and pages on your site by submitting a sitemap and by making sure things are titled and named appropriately. Don’t let your site sit idle and rust away as a piece of arcane internet lore. Keep it up to date and looking fresh with new content and looks.

This article is part of a series on the Six Key Areas of Internet Marketing. We highly recommend reading all of the articles in this series.

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