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Why Yelp Is Important

We live in an instant world. As such people want information on businesses in their area at their fingertips. There are a few places people turn for this information. To make sure people can find your business there are three places you should have an account. They are Google, Bing, and Yelp. Google and Bing are search engines. They are the first line of getting your business in front of potential clients.

Yelp is a business directory. Why is it so important. The reason is simple. Both Google and Bing pull data from Yelp for local business searches. This means that if you are registered on Yelp it can help your search results on Google and Bing. Now Bing is a little more open about how they use Yelp listing data. Bing has informed us that it uses Yelp data heavily. In fact they have told us that if your Bing Places listing has become outdated they will pull relevant data from Yelp and possibly other business directories and display it in the Bing search results for your business. This means that in a basic sense Bing rewards business owners who keep their Bing Places listing updated. It also means that Bing puts a lot of stock in the accuracy and relevancy of Yelp.

So why is Yelp important? It is important because it will affect how your business performs in searches for your products or services on search engines. It also provides increased trust and exposure online. People are looking for what your business provides. Having your business listed on Yelp will help people find you.

It is also advisable to sign up for other online business directories such as Manta and any local directories. And whatever you do, don’t forget to have social media accounts for your business!



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