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Our New Website Backup System

At CairnTek we are always looking for ways to improve our services. Recently in our pursuit of quality, we reassessed our client website backup system. It is the system responsible for creating backup archives of each website we manage.

Our backup system utilized both server level backups, and dedicated file and database backups. This dual backup method provides high durability of data and lightning fast restoration of data that might be corrupted or lost at any level.

Over the last few weeks we have made some major improvements to the way we backup our clients websites here at CairnTek.

We have retained our current server level backup method. However, we have changed the website file and database backups to take advantage of Amazon Web Services' Simple Scalable Storage or S3.

In the past our backup software moved the backup archive to an external server via FTP. However, after exploring the option of using S3 we determined it would be a better option. There are several clear advantages that to using S3.

  • Firstly, greater durability of data on AWS S3. Our prior backup server had a data durability of 99.999%. This is perfectly fine for most non-critical redundant data. However, we felt that given the mission critical nature of backups we needed higher durability. Backups are not needed often. But when they are needed, their integrity is critical. AWS S3 provides 99.999999999% object durability. This gives us a greater chance of being able to restore your website should the worst happen.
  • Secondly, S3 offers better cost savings. Amazon’s S3 services provide a more cost-effective method of long-term storage. With this increased savings we are extending the period that we retain backups. We now retain daily backups for one year. In the past we only offered 90-day backups.
  • Lastly, S3 offers better security than our prior service. With S3 we have additional security tools to ensure that the data from your website cannot be accessed by any unauthorized people or systems.

Although, backups are not the most exciting thing we do, they are critical. Websites are hacked, corrupted by software malfunctions, and fail because of server issues every day. We ensure that your website is secure whatever happens. We do this in part by backing up your website each night while you sleep, and keeping that backup securely locked away. If the worst happens we can pull the most recent, stable backup and bring your website back on line in minutes.

The best part is that we provide this service as part of your website maintenance at no extra charge to you. This is just another small part of our commitment to make the internet a better place.



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