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How to Get Good Google Reviews

We all have used them, some of us have written them, but few try to get more. Reviews are a vital part of any business. Google is putting more weight on reviews left by people on Google. Google uses this as a major local ranking signal. This means that getting more reviews and good reviews is important.

We recommend asking your clients for reviews often. There are several times when this can be done. If you are a service provider, we would recommend checking back in after a few days to check customer satisfaction. Ask them for feedback on how you measured up, and ask them to give you a review.

There are lots of places that people can leave reviews on local businesses, but we would like to focus on Google here. It is important to make it as easy as possible for the client. They are more likely to leave a review if you make it easy. One great way is to send them a link to the Google Review form. This can be done very easily. Here are step by step instructions.

  1. Go to
  2. Type the name of your business into the search box and hit Enter.
  3. You should see the search results. On the right-hand side is the Knowledge Graph. You should see information about your business in the Knowledge Graph (if not, search for your city as well as business name). Click the ‘Write a review’
  4. button inside the Knowledge Graph.
  5. This will open the ‘Rate and review’ box.
  6. Copy the URL from the browser URL bar.
  7. Paste the URL into an email, text or whatever your preferred method is.
  8. Once you have pasted the link, make sure to add the number 5 after the last comma at end of the link. This will automatically fill in all five stars instead of leaving them at zero stars which is the default.
  9. You are done! Just send it to your happy clients!

It is important to know that purchasing reviews or incentivizing reviews is against the law. You are not allowed to offer rewards or incentives to gain more reviews. You can read the Federal Trade Commission's Endorsement Guide if you want more information.

The best way to encourage good Google reviews, is by exceeding expectations. There is no substitute for offering an amazing product or service. Be amazing at what you do and asking for reviews will be more effective.

Reviews are important for ranking well on Google. We recommend asking for them often. We hope this helps you get lots of good reviews.

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