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With so much of our modern culture wrapped up in the internet, it is important to have a dynamic digital marketing strategy. Digital organic marketing is essentially all online marketing that naturally attracts interested and motivated people. We craft organic marketing strategies that help drive leads and generate revenue for your business. We provide a comprehensive approach to organic digital marketing.

Organic Growth

It's Inbound Marketing... Not Health Food

We help build strategies to bring in new clients naturally. All our digital marketing services focus on organic marketing.

Organic digital marketing is a mixture of content marketing, search marketing, user experience design, and many other marketing disciplines. Although organic marketing is much the same as inbound marketing we prefer to call it organic marketing since we are not focused on the direction of flow but on the natural and sustainable growth we aim for.

Our organic marketing goal is simple. It is capturing the attention of interested and motivated potential clients for your business. This is done by creating high-quality and high-visibility content for your website and social media platforms. Hand in hand with this we work to promote your content and optimize the flow of your content so that it works to build revenue for your business.

Content Building

Create Content that Generates Revenue

We provide professional content building strategies that drive traffic and increase revenue.

Content building is the foundation of organic marketing. Content includes things like blogs, and other article based content, ebooks, whitepapers, podcasts, videos, infographics and interactive web-based tools. Understanding how to create good content and how to turn it into revenue acquisition streams is the purpose of good organic marketing.

At CairnTek we will help you create and optimize an effective content building strategy for your organic marketing campaign. We will help you perform audience and market research to know what content will be effective, and we will help you improve its performance.

Search Engine Optimization

Promote your site in organic search

We help increase relevant traffic to your site with our search engine optimization services.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important parts of any good organic marketing plan. It ensures that your website is search engine friendly, and helps promote your website in organic search engine results pages.

At CairnTek we understand the importance of SEO and offer our SEO services to small and medium businesses. We help businesses create and promote websites in organic search with a wide variety of best-practices, and bold strategies. We will make sure your website is not left behind in the organic search marketplace.

Social Media Marketing

Be Socially Organic... It's Natural

We help build content promotion strategies that encompass relevant social media channels for your business.

With the prevalence of social media, and the prominent place that it takes in peoples lives it is an important organic marketing tool. The purpose of good social media marketing is to promote the content on your website and allow people to interact with your company on their preferred social media platform.

We at CairnTek work to educate businesses on how to use their relevant social media channels. We will help you create an effective social media marketing strategy that will enhance your organic marketing plan, and help you reach your goals.

Funnel Optimization

Streamline your online sales process

We not only help you attract motivated people with content, SEO and social media, we help you turn those leads into paying clients.

One of the most important aspects of organic marketing is ensuring the funnel is working well. We will help you build and organize an effective marketing funnel across your web presence. We will also help analyze data on your website to ensure your funnel is working.

At CairnTek we are experienced at ensuring that your UX design and marketing funnel create a cohesive and pleasant experience for your users. However, we ensure that we align the user's goals and your business goals to create an effective funnel that will help increase your web-based revenue.

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