Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Everyone wants to be on the first page of Google. Not everyone deserves to be on the first page. If you want to reach the first page you will have to earn it, and we can help you do just that.

We craft search engine optimization strategies that increase ranking and drive traffic.


Search engine optimization has three primary parts: human optimization, machine optimization, and backlink building. Every service we provide is designed to help increase the effectiveness of one or more of these three.



Creating a website and content that is usable and consumable by human beings is square one. If you don't have this you don't have anything. Human optimization ensures that your site is user-friendly, readable, and last but equally important valuable! If your site has lots of content that people can read but it has no value to it, people won't care to visit.


Once your website is usable by real living human beings you need to make sure it can be "read" by Google and other search engines. If Google can't read your site it will be relegated to the scrap-heap of the unusable. Now, it is important to make sure that Google can not only read your site but that it likes and understands what it is reading. Otherwise, how will it tell people that they can read the answer to their question on your website?


Once your site is google "readable" you can begin your quest for internet domination. The first task is backlinks. Backlinks are links from other websites to your website. Google not only reads your website. Google reads other sites as well. This means that Google will find links and references to your site on others. Essentially, Google thinks you must be famous if other sites are name-dropping your site name.

SEO Consulting

Get SEO Specialist Advice

We offer professional search engine optimization guidance to help you grow traffic and revenue.

We help you determine your SEO goals & develop a realistic strategy along with you. You may have your own marketing teams who require support & guidance, or you may need us to be your full SEO team. We can fill in any gaps you have and advise on the best SEO approach.

Keyword Research

Target the right keywords in your field

We help increase relevant traffic to your site by targeting the right search terms and keywords.

Solid keyword & market research is the foundation of our SEO strategy. It allows us to provide realistic estimations and forecasts of opportunity within your market. We don't make wild projections or promises we can't keep.

SEO Audits

How is your SEO doing? We can tell you

We help analyze your website to determine where improvements can be made, and what can be leveraged to maximize performance.

We provide audits which analyze your website to ensure the search engines are able to effectively discover, crawl and index your web pages for maximum visibility and performance in organic search results.

Onsite SEO

Rank well with an optimized website

We work with you to ensure that your website design and structure are optimized for search engines and humans.

We examine your website’s design, internal architecture and other key elements that are evaluated within the search engines algorithms to provide recommendations for improved content relevancy and performance. We advise on all aspects of SEO, from website migrations to schema and more.

Content Creation

Create Content that Generates Traffic

We help increase relevant traffic to your site with our content building services.

Here at CairnTek we preach the importance of compelling content. Our content creation services cover the beginning to end of the content development cycle. From topic research to publishing and promotion we understand how to help you reach your audience.

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