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In a world that never sleeps, you need a website that works for your business around the clock. At CairnTek we build websites that will promote your business however people view them. All our sites are mobile friendly. Our designs are intuitive and focused on the user’s experience while meeting your business’s needs and challenges.

Mobile Friendly & Responsive

Any Screen & Anywhere

We build our websites to look great on any device. All our websites are responsive and mobile friendly.

In our mobile age, a growing majority of consumers are looking for local businesses on their mobile devices. Because of this, it is more important now than ever before to have a mobile-friendly website. Any other website will suffer greatly in our day and age.

Fortunately, here at CairnTek we only build mobile-friendly websites. Our websites are designed to use a method that is called Responsive. A responsive website changes it's width and reorients content to fit the browser window or device. Our websites look great on anything from a mobile device, to a 4K display. We test each site on multiple devices to ensure the highest quality experience for every platform.

UI & UX Design

Turning Visitors into Customers

We craft websites that not only look great. They are user friendly and intuitive. We craft landmark websites.

User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design often get muddied by website designers. UI primarily works to create a pleasing interactive experience. UX design works to align business goals with user’s goals and get users to complete their goals easily. This is a fundament discipline in good website design.

At CairnTek we take UI and UX design seriously. We build websites that are beautiful, easy, intuitive and help visitors become clients in a simple and painless process. Getting UX right take some time investment and fineness, but we have a proven straightforward system that will get your website earning your business more business.

Digital Analytics

Understand Inbound Marketing

We can build into your site digital analytics software to give you data insights on inbound leads and usability.

For a small business, it is often easy to think that data analytics and inbound marketing statistics are only for the big guys. At CairnTek we strenuously disagree. We have seen how understanding lead acquisition, conversion rates, and other vital marketing KPIs are vital to understanding and reaching business goals no matter how small you are.

We are experienced at integrating valuable technologies such as traffic analytic and CRM platforms into our websites. They can help you gain traffic flow, conversion, and many other valuable insights. These platforms include services like Google Analytics and Hotjar and CRMs like HubSpot.

Learn more about our Organic Marketing services, and how we can help generate more leads for your business.

Lighting Fast

Fast Websites For A Fast World

We design websites that are fast. People won't wait long for a page to load. We make sure they don't have to.

You need a fast website. Beautiful websites are no good if it takes so long to load that no one will wait to see it. We know this and so we only design websites that are fast. We use several technologies to ensure that our websites are load quickly. Depending on your website needs we will leverage browser caching, server caching, compress files, use HTTP/2 over HTTPS, and streamline content delivery.

With the increasing speed of the internet, it is important to keep up. In 2016, it was considered standard to have a page load time of under five seconds. Now, we don't build websites like everyone else. We decided we would not be happy unless we were seeing load times of under two seconds. Now, this was not easy, but we know its importance.

It is important to say that we cannot ensure a two second load time if your host provider is slow. With our optimized Cloud Hosting, we can ensure that your website is one of the fastest on the internet.

Our Website Process

From initial conception to the design and implementation, we will work with you to build the perfect website for your company. Our agile development process helps us design websites that meet your business needs quickly.



In the Planning phase, we begin by defining your business goals for your new website. We will gather information about your business, your clients, potential markets, and much more. We then create a strategy to meet those goals and create your landmark website.


In the Designing phase, we begin taking the plans that were made and creating visual concepts, layouts, and site structure. In this phase, we will collect variations of your logo, create a color pallet, and determine the right visual identity for your website.


In the Building phase, we take the plans and designs we have produced and begin constructing them. This is where things begin to take shape, and the fun really starts. We will provide access to the site at the various stages of construction so that you can stay abreast of the progress and make recommendations.


In the Testing phase, we make sure that everything works well. We ensure that there are no broken links or other issues with the site. We make sure that the site will look great on any device. And finally, we ensure that it meets your standard, and passes your approval.


In the Launching phase, we publish the site online. This is the exciting part as you see your new site online. This is when we handle some of the domain-specific tasks and integrations. And finally, your website is launched!

Post Launch Support

After your website is launched the process starts over as we begin providing support and maintaining your website. Learn more about our support services.

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