Website Support and Maintenance

In our modern world, a website with broken links, missing images, or poor upkeep and maintenance will drive visitors away. We provide a wide range of services to ensure your website is performing at its best. At CairnTek we will monitor your website for problems, update software and systems, add content, and solve problems when they arise.

Website Maintenance & Support

Keeping You Website Beautiful

Websites have evolved from simple html pages to complex software systems that are constantly changing. It is important for a website to receive regular maintenance and checkups. At CairnTek we provide website maintenance and support to ensure your website is up to date and performing at its best. We ensure it is running the latest versions of any software or plugins, and that it is current with the latest web standards.

Content Management

We Believe in Better Content

The most important part of any website is the content. Without well maintained content a website is not any good to the people who visit it. We provide website content management services to keep your content looking and performing its best. We ensure proper html tags are used, and content is displayed optimally. This is especially beneficial for business owners who do not want to have to try to manage the content on their websites.

Website Consulting

Professional Advice for Your Site

The internet is a fluid place, and if your website does not stay with the flow it is likely to wash up on some beach of forgotten flash players and AOL. We pay attention to current trends and the direction the internet is going. With our professional consultation services by your side you can rest assured that we will keep you headed in the right direction.

Performance Monitoring

Keeping an Eye on Your Website

Websites seem to run into problems when no one is looking. If you use our uptime and performance monitoring services we will never take our eyes off your site. We will know how it is performing and if it is visible 24/7/365. Now, we not only keep an eye on it we make sure that if your site goes down we get it back up and running as soon as possible.

Security Monitoring

We keep your website safe

Along with our uptime and performance monitoring we offer security monitoring. We work hard to lock down your site so that it is not an easy target. After that we keep an eye on it to ensure that your website is not compromised in any way. But we don’t just keep an eye on it. Should it be hacked or compromised we will completely restore your website, and patch the vulnerability.

Webpage Speed Optimization

We Like Fast... So Do Your Clients

Websites tend to slow down over time. We work hard to keep that from happening. Not only that but we try to make it even faster. We utilize the latest systems and technologies. We will make sure your site loads fast on desktop, and mobile even if the connection is not the best. Speed is important to a good website. Let us help keep your website fast.

System Updates

Out With the Old In with the New

We build our websites with lots of third-party systems. We use content management systems, JavaScript libraries, plugins, and much more. Each one of these receives updates often. We ensure that they are all up to date with the latest versions, so that your website performs at its best. At CairnTek we are happy to handle all the technical details of keeping your website running well.

Custom Support Plan

Our Support for Your Website

At CairnTek we understand that every business and website is different, and each needs a custom support plan to ensure a satisfactory outcome. We will work with you to find the best plan to suit your needs and budget. We provide a full suite of website support and maintenance services, and we are sure that we can keep your website running at its best. Contact us to learn about your custom support plan today.

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